Adding Value to Medicare since its Inception

Noridian has been administering the Medicare program since it started in 1966. As Medicare grew and changed, Noridian has stayed ahead of the curve, bringing innovation, efficiencies and increasing value to make most of every Medicare dollar. Today we offer:

Highly efficient Fiscal Agent services

For nearly seven decades as a federal contractor, Noridian has mastered administrative efficiencies and is continually looking to improve further. Our business philosophy encourages partnership and accountability and promotes transparency into our operations.

A proven comprehensive approach to Program Integrity

Program integrity goes beyond identifying fraud and preventing overpayments. Noridian builds efficiency and quality in every aspect of every program. Noridian provides a proven, comprehensive approach to program integrity.

Proven Care Management

As a payor, you’re in a unique position to affect care quality for your beneficiaries. By tapping into our care management expertise, data sources and system integration tools you can assist and incentivize providers for the quality of care instead of the quantity of services.

Streamlined Provider Enrollment

Noridian has the tools, data and proven strategies to help ensure your providers are legitimate, enrolled efficiently and supported appropriately.

Innovative health care technology

Learn more about technology that drives care quality and holds down cost:

EXACT / MDinsight® / RapidApp

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